Agreement of the authors

Publication of the documents

The authors give the economic rights of their submitted work to the organizers of JRES, for free and without limitation in time, allowing them to operate on any medium and through any mode of dissemination within the JRES congress and JRES tutorials. These rights are non exclusive.

Authors of papers for JRES accept for free that JRES diffuse (non-exclusive) all of what they produce for this conference. This concerns in particular, abstracts, articles, presentations (slides), posters and other documents submitted to the program committee of the conference during the preparation process.

Image rights

A portrait of the authors (short biography and photo) is likely to be available on the conference web site.

Speakers are filmed during the conference or tutorials. The films thus produced are intended to be subject to public performances and reproductions (eventually dubbed or subtitled) using any existing or future process.

The authors authorize (non exclusively) the organizers of JRES to use and distribute for free, their image and their performance within the conference, in particular on Internet video on demand and live broadcast. This clause concerns all the production during the conference, in particular presentations, demonstrations, posters, round tables and tutorials.

Agreement of the employer

The authors' attention is drawn to the need to obtain the consent of other persons involved in the article, and the agreement of their institution or employer when they describe their work.

Right of withdrawal

All documents and films will be made public on the websites of the conference. You can contact the conference organizers to request the removal of these sites, for any production of which you are the author.

Confidentiality of exchanges

Exchanges between the program committee and the author are confidential and must not be transmitted or disclosed without express permission of a chair of the programme committee.